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I am a front-end developer. I am a gadget loving tech-geek, always growing & learning new things. Some say I have an eye for design, I say I have a knack for quickly learning new web technologies.

But seriously

Louie Camacho works at Ogilvy Chicago (advertising, not train station) as a designer and developer. Having designed (and illustrated) many logos, posters, advertisments, and web sites (including this one), Louie has developed a keen eye for design. Also, earning a bachelor's of arts/science didn't hurt. When he isn't melting faces with beautifully designed pieces, Louie uses his free time to play chess, have a drink at a local bar, and ponder about living outside of Chicago with a duffel bag full of unmarked bills.


Responsive E-mail [Design + Code]

Take a responsive website and successfully display it across four major browsers and then display it across multiple e-mail clients inside those four browsers as well as their mobile versions then multiply that by the number of desktop e-mail clients. That's what creating a responsive e-mail is like.

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Order Screens [Wireframe + Concept]

A mobile platform designed to aid the experience of purchasing home internet and entertainment, an otherwise complicated task, making it seamless, smooth and painless.

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Time Warner Cable [Landing Pages]

I had the chance to tackle several landing pages for Time Warner Cable. Each month, the company offered better deals than the last and they needed lightning quick solutions to feature these offers.

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Mike Media Group [Branding + Identity]

Don't let the small size of this agency fool you, with each project we made sure to make a big impact. Every single person in this group has a varied skill set and being small only made us work faster and smarter.

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Mygofer [E-mail Marketing]

Freedom to design doesn't necessarily make the job easier. With creative freedom, comes the responsibility of creating fully fleshed out concepts from start to finish.

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Upromise [Print Collateral]

These seasonal Upromise print ads were created for Sears and Kmart following their campaign guidelines.

Baystate Cruise Company [Website]

While the existing site is still performing satisfactorily, the client felt it needed an update. They've also asked to add an anniversary page at the same time. The following is the results.

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Posters [Print Collateral]

There is always room for print. Here are some poster work that still have a place in my heart.

Logos [Branding]

It goes without saying, logos are still relevant. They say so much, yet fit in such a small package.

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